old contact in eye

Lately, when I go to take my contacts out of my eye, my eye starts to burn or hurt. I have tried for a few weeks to figure out whats in it, but found nothing. When I took my contacts out today it looked like there might be a few weeks old contact in it. I’m not sure though, because it’s high under my top lid if it is a contact and I’m usually very careful about remembering to take my contacts out. How can I tell if it is a contact? And how do I get it out?

Answer #1

Well you would know if its a contact, the eye should flush it out. I wouldn’t mess with it any more. Go see your optomatrist ASAP bc a stuck contact can lead to infection, the burning, and you can loose your vision in the eye.

If there is no stuck contact the burning could be due to an eye infection or you are not washing your hands fully before trying to remove your contacts.

If you have glasses put them on and do not pit contacts in until you see your eye doctor.

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