Can I use a contact after having pink eye?

I had pink eye in my left eye with my contact in.Can I wear my contact,when the pink eye wears off Y/N?

Answer #1

NO! do not put that contact back in your eye!!! you will get pink eye right back! and you do not want to get that back!! pink eye sucks!!! You gotta throw away everything! if your a girl you have to throw away all your eye makeup… make sure all wash clothes are in the washer and towels that you use make sure you do not re use anything!!

Answer #2

yea what that person said I had that before and my stupid self kept on puttin the contact in and it just kept on getting infected you might as well get new ones

Answer #3

No, under no circumstance can you wear the same contacts. Also anything else that normally comes into contact with your eyes needs to be tossed out. I know you are a male but some do where eye makeup. If you do, toss it out or you risk getting pink eye again.

You do not get pink eye from contact solutions unless they have come into contact with the bacteria. You do no catch pink eye from normal solutions.

Answer #4

you cant wear the contact that you had in the eye you had pink eye in because you will reinfect your eye will pink eye. You need to keep contacts out of your eyes until the pink eye is completely gone and then open a new pack of contacts for use.

Answer #5

isnt pinkeye when you get poop in your eye or when someone farts on your pillow? thats wut I heard. ew gross

Answer #6

Isn’t pink eye what zombies have? o=

Answer #7

You should make sure you buy a solution for your contact its like a cleaner.

Answer #8

yes, but make sure what gave you pink eye first, maybe it was the liquid you were using or something

Answer #9

no, you have to throw that contact away and use a new one because the infections is still in the contact and could cause you to get it again..

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