How you get colored contacts that fix a lazy eye ?

O.k I have a right lazy eye and my glasses “correct” it but I want dark purple,deep blue or dark green eyes. Is it possible if you get contacts that fix a lazy eye but also are colored? Where can I get those? Are they expensive? How much for average? Do you think they will look good on me?(Tall,very tan,curly brown hair with natural highlights,dark brown eyes.)I hate them!they look black! So what do you think?Be honest!Thank you!!!=)

Answer #1

I can’t.No money.How much does it costs?Maybe I can earn it.thanks!

Answer #2

you can get colour contacs that help a lazy eye… I wear contacts… they are comftorbal and they don’t cost a lot. im right eye is lazy too, so I know how you feel.the contact have helped my eye. my right eye lid is always half open if I don’t wear contacts… but I put them in my eye open fully…

go and see you optision and ask about color contact that help a lazy eye…

Answer #3

Thx!Keep them coming!

Answer #4

go to your eye doctor and talk to her mabye she can get them cheap for you

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