How can I make wearing contacts less tiring on my eyes?

Wearing them always makes me feel more tired than I am ,and it is worst than it was before. When I first started wearing contacts i would get slightly tired, now I get really tired wearing it. It’s a new pair I opened and I wear monthly’s

Answer #1

Get better sleep the night before, never sleep with your contacts in unless prescribed otherwise, always rinse and rub your contacts with solution every morning and night, and keep the touching of your contacts to a minimum. Always keep your case clean too. Rinse it out every day. Make sure that your contacts are the right prescription too as a incorrect prescription can damage your eyesight.

Answer #2

take them out earlier. As soon as you get home take them out and wear glasses. My eyes used to get tired because I had them in from 6am-11pm with hardly any sleep and it wasn’t doing my eyes any good. In the weekends wear glasses, unless you are going out somewhere.

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