Is it possible to have a contact lens stuck in my eye?

When I was taking a shower, I accidentally rubbed my eye and moved the contact out of place. So after a while I finally got it out, but it was torn in half. It feels fine now, but is it possible that the other half is still somewhere in my eye? Would that be damaging? if it, how do I get it out? I’m really worried.

Answer #1

ud probably feel it in your eye or tears would start to build up (eyes natural way to get rid of dirt or other particles)…

Answer #2

Try not to rub your eye too much or you will make it sore.

If a piece has broken off, it will generally work itself out within an hour or two.

Your natural blinking will aid this.


Answer #3

Yes, you would definitely feel it still in there. It’s happened to me before!

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