Eye pain w/o contacts

I wear contacts, but sometimes on Saturdays I feel really really lazy and just stay in my glasses all day. For some reason, my right eye hurts when I don’t wear my contacts. I used to have a rust spot in that eye and it was taken off, but there shouldn’t be any permanent damage from that. Is there anything else it could be?

Answer #1

How old are your glasses?

Go back and get your eyes rechecked. The lens on the right side of your glasses may be the wrong prescription.

Answer #2

I get that too, except both my eyes hurt when I wear my glasses for long periods instead of my contacts. I went back to my optometrist and he said that it’s normal. Your glasses is meant to be worn on short occasions (e.g. when you wake up before a shower, at night before going to bed, etc). Your contacts are somewhat closer in power to what your eyes need than your glasses.

It should be normal because I’m sure when you go get contact lenses for the first time, the optometrist will check your eyes, and your current glasses’ power. Your glasses should be fine for you if he checked it.

If it’s both close enough, the power for the left and right side of your contact lense should be the same. I suspect that the eye ache happens because the two lense in the glasses tend to be of different powers, hence the eye ache when you use it for too long.

However, it’s a good idea to get your eyes checked at least every year.

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