Okay I dont understand..

How do I get a lip peircing withouth parentle guidance? Do I just show up and get it done? Or what do they need to know? Im confused.do I lie about my age? helpp!!

Answer #1

at your age any peircing, especially a facial peircing would just be a stupid idea and theres a lot more to consider to a peircing than just “I want one it looks cool” and seeing as though your underage youll need to ask what age theyll peirce some will peirce you if your 16, some places you need to be 18 usually if your a bit younger than 16 you need to bring a parent who has I.d so they can consent for you and sign a form a friend or other adault will not do, if its not your parents the place can get sued all because you lied to them and if you lie about your age your an idiot, because they can get sued for that too a peircing place doesnt need little kids telling them there 16 when there really 12-13 because when you do that, they end up illegally peircing you and your parents can sue them so THINK before you act and it would be extreemly unwise to get one now it would be best to wait a few more years to decide if this is actually soemthing YOU even want also remembre that a school with a dress code wont allow them and mmost jobs consider facial peircings unprofesional and unattractive, especially on kids

Answer #2

No, you don’t lie about your age. The place will most likely ask to see your ID so they’ll find out your underage. And no, using a fake ID isn’t the way to go… that’s against the law. If you don’t want to have to have parental consent, in most US states you have to be 18 years of age or older. Otherwise, you’ll need a parent or legal guardian to go with you so they can agree to what’s going on. And no, don’t have anyone else fake being a parent/legal guardian - chances are the place will ask for proof that they’re really who they say they are just for such reasons. So either get your parent/legal guardian to go with you or wait until your 18.

Answer #3

You have to get someone over 16 with you that could be anyone to be quite honest even some random off the street if you REALLY want it done. But really, you should get someone in your family with you to get it done and they ask for ID so you can’t lie.

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