Help , I dont know whether my belly button is infected or not .

So I got my navel peirced like .. 5 days ago , And now its really red on the top, kind of swollen, and Where the top stud is it’s like burrowing into my belly button , And making a crater in it , I don’t know what to do , I have been cleaning it, And I know that where I got it done was safe, cause I work there and all . But I dont understand the crater at the top of the ring thats pushing into my belly button !

Answer #1

well it sounds like the bar is too short. go back to your piercer and ask to have him/her put in a longer barbell, also try using a saline solution called H2Ocean, you can get it fer 10 bucks at a local piercing shop. good luck :).

Answer #2

well if you work there can’t you ask the person that did it? I got mine done a year ago and I remember it sometimes getting like puss and crusty stuff on it which was gross. I hope you get it fixed up tho! good luck!

Answer #3

as long as you are cleaning it really well, it should be okay. I got mine done about 2 years ago, and mine did that a little. but if you soak it in salt water, the swelling will go down, and it will feel a lot better. (I know it’s tricky to soak it since it’s your belly button and all, but if you take a small cup and put water in it and about a teaspoon of salt, you can just press the cup up against your stomach around the piercing, and if you lay down and hold it, it works pretty good. keep a towel handy though.) hope this helped(((:

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