Is it okay to dye my hair twice in two days?

I accidentaly died my hair black with a purple tint. Now I want it back to my Natural color and I will be done with the hair dye. is it okay to dye my hair two days in a row? I really dont want to ruin my hair because I have to go to school tuesday and dont want to be embarassed. Is that okay to do? Please help me

Answer #1

Yea its okayy

Answer #2


that was the WORST mistake I have ever done to my hair. my hair hardly grows anymore because I dyed it too much within days. I wouldnt do it:/

just wait it out.. a week or two. let your hair breathe.

Answer #3

Did any of the dyes you used have ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and/or bleach? You might want to wait a couple of days before dying it again if they contained any of these ingredients, and apply some hot oil. If it was of the temporary kind, you don’t have a lot to worry about.

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Answer #5

yeah its ok just dont do that to many times because it really damages your hair

Answer #6

If you want your natural color back you should use color oops its safe enough to use on the same day you dye your hair

Answer #7

yes just dont do it daily. just this time isn’t going to hurt anything.

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