why isnt it okay to pick at pimples?

why isnt it okay to pick at pimples? I usually do because its a habit but I dont notice any scars in particular. is there any fast homemade or store bought items that may be usefull to treat those huge white pimple (or any other kind) instead of popping them.

Answer #1

ew, cause its a little gross. but yeah you shouldnt pick at them, it can leave scarring, and you can spread the bacteria more. I like using Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, it works really good. you just put it on a spot, and it makes it less red and stuff

Answer #2

if its a habit (I do it too). clean your hands first and wash your face before you mess with them. Use a toner, or an alcohol cleaner immediately after, that will eliminate the bacteria and clean out the spot. Then wash your hands before you touch anything else on your face or otherwise. Its a hassle but it works and it will prevent you from scarring, It will also make you wanna stop messing with them.

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