I took 3 spoons of nyquil iz that bad??? I just wanna try to sleep good for once and wan it to knock me out so I can get a good nights slepp I cant fall asleep right away and I dont sleep very good at night... So what dp you think???

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its not horrible, but definitely not good to do every night or even once a week. and to answer the question you asked a couple days ago, I live in Pueblo which is about an hour and a half from Denver. (returning the favor for you answering my question. thank you =)

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I dont think it is, I usually take 2 and a half and I come out fine
but maby you should of asked this question BEFORE you took it
just in case... you can get hurt.

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u have a good point haha my bad I just feel tired now:) buh thanx.!:)

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