Nyquil, am i allergic?

When I was about 5 years old, my mom gave me nyquil to help me fall asleep. When I asleep I woke up screaming because when I was sleeping it felt like bugs were squirming all around in my bed. It was the most realistic dream ever. Am I allergic? I don't want to take it anymore, because I am afraid it will happen again. Was it an allergic reaction?

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I doubt it, im no doctor but I don't think an allergic reaction to nyquil will cause nightmares. I've had those dreams on several occasions, can't say I like em much. But it was probably just a coincidence

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Is it possible that it was during a time when you were ill with a flu or a cold, causing a fever? Sometimes high fevers in children can cause weird dreams.

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it was probably a hullucination

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No, I wasn't sick. I just couldn't fall asleep.

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