How much cough syrup is lethal?.

How much cough syrup will it take to mess with your mind? Because me && my friend got ripped off on bars earlier this week and the only thing we could get our hands on last minute was 2 bottles of Nyquil. Now I don't know if this will even really work since it's a sleep-aid or if it'll just make us sleepy, but from what I hear it'll work. Will 1 bottle per girl be enough?? Or maybe too much? Someone please help me out we really need to know. && Please don't inform me of how dangerous it is and how a young girl like me shouldn't be doing this sort of thing because I'm well aware,, && we'll be with people that we trust and who will watch and make sure we don't do anything idiotic, so we'll be fine.

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I would suggest that you grow up and stop acting so immature.
Please refrain from asking such questions on this site.

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