Need advice big time

Hey,okay I need to build my confindence,I think I’m okay looking,but not attractive.’Cause I like two guys,and I want to build my confindence big time,because I have to ride of thems bus tommorrow,and I’m writing him a note telling him that I like him.But I want to act attractive to him tommorrow.But I don’t know what to do,’cause when I like a guy a lot I think he won’t go with me because I think I’m ugly.And I need to go places and not worry what people say how I look,like when people say I’m ugly I take it seriously,or when some one says no when I ask them out,I think I’m not good for anyone.I don’t like looking at anyone,that much ‘casue I don’t want them seeing my face.So I know this sounds gay or stupid,but will you plzz try helping.

Answer #1

Your face isnt the problem its the way you come across, writing him a note wont do anything becos he’ll just think “shes to coward to talk to me herself” and get turned off, you need to act sexy, but to act sexy you have to feel sexy, do something different tomorrow, wear your hair a different way, or wear some new lipgloss to make you feel new, and get on the bus and talk to him and flirt with him, smile alot at him, make eye contact and stare just a little to long to give him the hint.

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