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Need Advice on Long distance relationships

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well, im going out with this boy but we dont go to the same school, he goes to like the big high school and I go to the little high school and like I dont have time to see him at all but were really close and stuff like we get along good ! but like yesturday I was suppose to meet him and I didnt go becuase like the principal forced me to stay after school and he was all waiting for me there I feel bad , so I was like omg this cant be happening to me and I just walked out and when I got there he wasnt there nomore and I was just 20 minutes late but I understand because 20 minutes is a very long time to wait and then he use to go out with a diff girl and her sis wants to fight me because im not making him happy, and then like hes so HOT! and I dont want to lose him he told me he wants a serious relationship with him and my mom is strict , she doesnt let me have a boyfriend or go out with him so I was thinking this friday afterschool going to his house and tell my mom I have to stay afterschool, the whole thing is that I really like him and I dont want to lose him hes been really stressed out becuase his parents are so mean to him and his best friend is going to drop out and hes doing all types of drugs I just want advice on how I can make our relationship workout