Do you have advice for the big day?

Tomorrow’s is the big day when im going to ask this girl if she wants to be more than friends. To those who dont know, we’ve known for a few weeks now. We started as total strangers. Tomorrow we are going to see a movie and i was thinking of asking after that. I dont need advice on how to do it but just opinions on the whole situation. (We’ve been to one other date before) . Please comment. Do i have a shot?

Answer #1

heck yes you have a shot and i say go for it. look seriously who goes to the movies with somone they dont like lol. she wants you man she just waiting for you to come around so i say go for get back at me and let me know

Answer #2

Well, we both want to see this movie we are going to see. :) Thanks btw. :P P.S. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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