advice. I just need it

ok I have been trying to like keep this on the down low but I need advice. my boyfriend was in a car accident on wednesday. he just got out of the hospital yesterday, he gt surgery and he broke his jaw. he has to have his jaw wired shut for a month and a half and hes pretty upset about it. soo this is where you all come in! im going to his house tommorow and im gonna try to spend as much time with him as I can. so when I go over what could I do to help him out and cheer him up?? I told him when he needs help to just call me and I will try to go over to help im but I just dont know how I can help him out and cheer him up!

Answer #1

you two can watch a comedy together, but if he cant laugh, watch some other movie he may want you to watch that you may think is lamee. just do it and cheer him up. you can bring him a few of his favorite things or soemthing if oyu want. if you kiss him, be REALLY gentle like a peck with meaning

hope I help :)

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