Help please I need advice

Ok sooo like I need advice again. So me and this chick dated for like ummm 3 months and I broke up with her cause she wasn’t scene enough and I felt I didnt love her no more. So now shes trying everything in the book to get me back. But before I broke up with her she said she didnt need a lil emo b!tch that cryed all the time. I tried telling her I am scene. Defferent from emos. GRRR people what should I do?? Should I take her back or just ignore her???

Answer #1

you broke up with her because she wasn’t scene enough??? oh my what is this world coming to?? well, the love thing makes sense, you shouldn’t lead someone on…so if you don’t love her..then don’t go back to her..but don’t ignore her either..tell her that you simply don’t love her

Answer #2

if you like the girl, date the girl if you don’t like the girl, don’t date the girl

don’t date the girl if you don’t like the girl

if the fact that she isn’t “scene” enough (or whatever terminology you choose to use) is a big enough deal to make you question that you like her then you don’t like her, let alone LOVE her

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