My friend is thinking about commiting sucide what to do??

Okay so one of my best friends deric was dating this girl named sami. Sami was the only thing in Derics life that ever truely mattered. Well she just rboke up with him. Because she needed space, they have been on and off for the past 3 years and im almost positive their going to get back together but he doesnt believe me. He keeps slitting his wrists and no matter what I say to him its not getting through. All he keeps saying is he cant live without her and doesnt want to. What to do other than alert his parents??

Answer #1

tell his parents or tell a counselor…he’s going to be mad but you will never forgive yourself if he really hurts himself

Answer #2

omg that sounds so sad…I would tell his parents …I don’t know who else I would tell…all you can do is be there for him and tell him that you will be there for him…tell him that you understand he is hurting but it isnt worth him ending his life over…does the girlfriend know that he is doing this…maybe you should inform her of his actions and what it is doing to him? and tell her if she really wants to be with him she should stick with him but if not she needs to move on and not play with his heart …cause this is a serious situation…I hope he comes out of this okay…god loves him to much and wouldnt want him to end his life

Answer #3

WOW,He’s in love with her but she doesn’t know he is I think.Hang with him at his house and when he’s not around,take anything that is sharp enough to cut himself with and take them somewhere he never goes and do your very hardest to talk some sense into him,I was like that but a fairly different situation.

Answer #4

dont wait for someone on the internet to answer, go tell some one now !!!

Answer #5

You aren’t mature enough to handle this, nor are you trained. Tell his parents.

Answer #6

you need to tell his parents, end of story.

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