My cold wont go away HELP PLEASE

what could be wrong because I know I had a cold for the past week but usually when my throat hurts it doesnt hurt this bad it hurts when I drink hot or cold stuff when I eat soup it hurts when I yawn and it hurts when I talk or sing sometimes it hurts and cough what could be wrong cause I’ve tried throat spray and cough drops nun of it hurts what can I do to make it stop or what could be wrong

oh and I told my doc she said nothing was wrong but I think something is…

Answer #1

I tried that the first time and it didnt wrk but I did that last nite and now my throat stopped hurtin but it still kinda hurts when I yawn

Answer #2

gargle salt water- I know- eew sounds yucky but no it is sooo soothing after

Answer #3

Ok your cold is a serious strong cold. Your cold could turn into a flu so dont go to school or anything. Rest well and take medicine. you should get the flu shot (I know you probley wont) but you wont get a flu :3 Well Rest well.

Answer #4

the goo thing is I just got the flu shot last thursday and thankx soo much

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