My bruise wont go away

I’ve got a bruise that wont go away a cricket ball wact aganst m shin and its been their for 6 mounths and it is a hard lump now im 13 my birth day is on 25 apil

Answer #1

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Since you’ve had it so long and it is a hard lump, it is worth a visit to the doctor to see if there is a real problem.

Answer #2

u damaged the muscle and when it healed it produces fluid to help speed up the process(swelling) well as it turns out just like with a cut in moist weather you got an needs a hydrocortizone shot to make it all mushy again to get asperated(the will take out some fluid its less painful than that sounds.)and then they bandage it up tight to keep pressure on it and the fluid will return to your body like it normally does with antibiotics and ull be fine.just go see your doctor and within a few weeks ull be back to normal.

Answer #3

it could be some sort of clot. got to the doc!

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