You period will go away when your in the cold water?

Okay so my friend just asked me to go over swimming and I have my period and I dont know how to use a tampon!!! One of my friends said you period will go away when your in the cold water, is that true what would you do!!! Please help!!!

Answer #1

ehh no your period does not go away in cold water.. lol tampons are easy to use, just get the smallest one for the lowest absorbancy and theres instructions on how to use inside the pack.

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

rose butler said it correct.

It’ll be embarrassing.

Tampons are really easy to use. Here are some tips to help you:

  • start with the smallest size you can find - for example tampax mini
  • the ideal would be to use it for the first time when it is your heaviest flow (the second or 3rd day of your period
  • don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, practice makes perfect
  • get applicator tampons, they are easier to start off with and much easier to get in deep enough
  • make sure your tampon is in deep enough, else it’ll feel uncomfortable.
  • You don’t have to worry about the string breaking, it is so interwoven in the tampon that there is no way it can break off on its own.
Answer #3

purchase the tampon it comes with some easy instructions!

Answer #4

no you cant swim without one im afraid … unless you want to leave a trail :P xx

Answer #5

It depends on how heavy your period is. Sometimes if my period is light I would go swimming, my period stops when I get in the water but when I would get out it would come back. If you really want to go swimming and you don’t use tampons, put a pad on your bathing suit bottom just to be on the safe side because everyone has their period differently. This may sound a little gross but trust me it can help a lot.

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