How old do I have to be to live with my 21 year old bro? Im 17?

Im seventeen and want to know if I can move in with my 21 year old brother without my dads permission???

Answer #1

when your 18 you can I thank

Answer #2

You’re technically an adult when you are 18 and are allowed by law to do whatever you want. ‘move out’ but if you decide to still live with your dad. His house, his rules. or he can boot you out on the spot if he really wanted to.

Answer #3

yeah you have to wait until your 18, then you can do whatever you want. unless if your dad abuses you or something then you can call the police/authorities or whatever and apply to be removed from the house and ask if your 21 yr old brother can take you in. however this way- you have to go to court etc so I suggest just waiting until your 18. its not that long.

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