How can a 17 year old boy legally move out ?

How can a 17 year old boy legally move out with out getting emancipated?

Answer #1

You cant legally move out at that age, your parents still have control over you. Unless you get kicked out like I was. Unless your getting beat bloody I wouldn’t encourage you to move out until you are completely ready and have a stable area to go. Living day to day house to house isn’t the way to go bud.

Answer #2

Haha I wanted the same thing dude but tomorrow is when I turn 18 so I can move out. Just wait it out until your birthday comes but you gotta have a place to go and gotta be able to support yourself. You could try living with a friend like a roomate thing.

Answer #3

have a baby… lol… its a suggestion. x

Answer #4

By getting your parent(s) to sign a notarized statement that it is alright for you to live with some other adult who will act as your guardian.

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