Why does Mubarak not want to resign right away?

Answer #1

I do believe in that country u r a president until u die

Answer #2

That’s y he doesn’t want to step down, honstly who wud want to give up power?

Answer #3

money lots and lots of money 4 him and his family

Answer #4

he says that if he steps down straight away there will be riots (cos we all believe that one) in reality i think it’s so that he can choose his “sucessor”

Answer #5

Because he is a meglomaniac who is addicted to power. Weilding that kind of power for 30 years can not be easy to just walk away from. I am sure he is also concerned with his personal safety. Once he gives power, he probably fears imprisonment or worse…

Regardless, he will have to step down. And I think it will be soon. Within the next week.

Answer #6

Because he has gottern use to having his own way. He is Politically Spoilt!

Answer #7

he says it will bring unstability to Egypt if he just steps down.

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