How can I get gun rights back if I've been clean over 20 years?

I was convicted of felonies over 20 years ago and want to know if theres a away to get rights back

Answer #1

you need to go before a judge and have your record EXPUNGED but you can only do that if you haven’t been in serious trouble since then then you just pay like $ 200 and poof … no my felony

Answer #2

I believe you are pretty much screwed- felonies stay on your record forever. you will just have to accept that you have lost your priviledges and live without a firearm.

it falls under the heading of paying for your crimes.

Answer #3

There are ways to have your civil rights returned to you… but it varies from state to state in regards to method and to likelihood of success. It involves petitioning the state govenments of the state in which you were convicted.

Here is a website that may be a good jumping off point… but you will need to find specific information for the state you were convicted in.

Good luck

Answer #4

Move to another country.

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