runing away laws

if you run away from home at any age under 18 and they do not catch you while you are gone and like when you turn 18 you register for a job or school or whatever, will you still go to jail for running away?

Answer #1

While laws vary from state to state, I don’t think that something like that transfers to an adult record. Most police will only return a young person to their family rather than taking them to jail. On another note. Running away from home is rarely the right answer. Many times the child that is thinking of running away is doing so out of desperation of feeling that they are not being heard or not getting the attention that they need. All of this is based on a childs self-esteem. I teach equestrian and see a lot of young folks that want to runaway from home. Learning to ride and work with horses builds the type of esteem that they need thereby ending the problem and thwarting future trouble of that nature.

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