What is happening in Egypt right now?

I’ve been hearing about it all the time, and I don’t really pay attention to the news and stuff.

Answer #1

im egyption and i dont even know!!!!!!

Answer #2

im egyption and i dont even know!!!!!!

Answer #3

explosions everywhere.

Answer #4

oh no :\ that sux soo bad

Answer #5

Looks like Mubarak is loosing power, the people want a democracy! It looks like it is happening all over the middle east…Lebanon, Tunis, now Egypt who knows might even head out to Jordan next! People are tired of the old regime & want a democracy…I cant say I blame them, but with all the v!olance, I really feel bad for the people!

Answer #6

Due to the dictator like rule of their president and the lack of freedom of the people, the citizens of Egypt are basically enraged and marching for change in government. Egypt’s President Mubarak (he’s over 80) has been in power for 30 years. Citizens want him gone because: -Corruption -Unemployment is VERY HIGH -Poverty -Broken promises

Right now, he has no intention of leaving & claimed that he will fix everything, making people even more angry because they want him gone

Answer #7

why the hell havnt i hear about this tsuff! OMG here i come bbc news :\

Answer #8


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