what do you think the maximum penalty would be for this crime?

Someone I know recently got caught with an oz & a half of pot on them, & it’s their first offense. in the state of Illinois what do you think the penalty of this might be?

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How old are they? Usually your first offence marijuana charge is just going to be maybe 1-2 nights in ja.il (not always though), probation for a year, community service, and possibly substance abuse classes.

Answer #3

Out in cali my brother got caught driving with .5 oz and nothing happened to him, just went to court and had to pay a fine. It was considered a misdemeanor. I’m not sure how the laws work in Illinois, but if you get caught with a certain amount or more (i.e. over an ounce), he can get arrested and or pay a fine

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i reckon he/she should get at least 5 years in prison

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