Do you want the millions of ex-cons to return to crime?

I want you all to think hard about the millions of people who get out of jail, or prison every day. And ask your self do I want them all to return to crime as a way of life? Of course you say no. Now next time your out go into any establishment, gas station, restaurant, what ever, and ask the first person you see working there if they hire felons ( or ex- convicts), you will be surprised by the way people look at you, now think what that would seem like to have to do every day, having that be your only chance of making a living. I repeat millions a day all across the country.

Answer #1

You seem to be misinformed regarding the employment of ex-felons. Many, many cities across this country now have programs designed specifically to employ ex-felons. My city does and many are employed not just in the lower wage jobs but near the top of the city and county government structures. Perhaps you should contact your city/county governments and ask about programs that employ ex-felons. In my city, it is called the 2nd chance program. Good luck to you.

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