Columbine how much time would they get?

I wonder if eric harris and dylan klebold didn’t kill themselves and were convicted, how much time would they get? or maybe which death penalty? what do you think they would deserve?

Answer #1

Life imprisonment.

Answer #2

Considering that they were 17 and 18 the death penalty would be a possibility but unlikely. Minorities and suspects without good lawyers are far more likely to pay the ultimate price for their crime than middle class caucasians.

Since both Harris and Klebold had history of psychiactric problems chances are this would be taken into consideration as well.

I’m personally opposed to the death penalty. Were it up to me I’d lock them up for a very long time and perhaps the rest of their lives.

Answer #3

I agree with a7x… they would have probably gotten life in prison with a possible chance of parole after awhile…

Answer #4

They would of probably ended up getting life in prison… MAYBE a chance at parole…

Answer #5

I think they should’ve gotten death penelty.

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