Does anyone know what that dream means or was I just hallucinating?

Lastnight I had a dream that I was at my mom’s house outside, my neices and nephew were in the house playing while me and my mom were outside. We saw a snake and I looked for a garden hoe to kill it but couldn’t find one. Then I grabbed a shovel and somehow my mom ended up on the ground and I began chopping her upper body with the shovel until her head and body were no longer connected. Then I told myself it was time for her to go and all I remember after that is walking away getting ready to call my brother and sisters to tell them my mom had “passed”. I dont want my mom to die and I really don’t know what this dream meant at all! I wish I hadn’t dreamed it becuase now im really worried about my mom we live 9 hours apart and I love her I can’t live without my mom. Does anyone know what that dream means or was I just hallucinating from the alka seltzer plus I took before I went to bed?!?

Answer #1

Your dreams are symbolic of things that you have going on in your life…things that can be important to you,worry you or you are afraid of. I believe they can help to give you direction.Snakes can represent several things,one is fear of change and may deal with you or the other people in your dream. Have you been worryng about your Mom?Think about whats been on your mind lately and see if anything connects.

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