Dreams- good interpretations anyone?

I keep having dreams about one of my friends and in every dream she’s mad at me and won’t talk to me. me and her are amazing friends. I’ve never been so close with anyone in my life and we get along well so why am I having these dreams? anyone got any possible interpretations up there sleeves because I’m out of ideas. thanks!

Answer #1

hmmm…im not really sure about that 1. but here is a site I always go to. www.dreammoods.com

Answer #2

Do you feel you are open with your friends? Maybe you are trying to feel pessimistic that something so great can’t be real but it can.

Answer #3

I strongly suggest you talk to your friend. It seems like she feels upset about something that revolves around you, which she keeps holding in (for whatever reason) and that’s irritating her. So talk to her, it may be hard but once it’s cleared up I think those dreams will vanish


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