Little bit of truth?

“here I say to you that all religions are human-made. No human-made religion is “the true religion.” each organization has a little bit of truth here, a little bit of good there. But none are complete.” -god

Answer #1

like others have said…god is just another man-made character meant to avoid the truth…which is that what we see is almost all thats at the surface THE QUESTION IS ON THE TITLE…ya turkeys

Answer #2

Question IS…does this ring true to anyone else out there…Just wondering everyone’s opinion on the quote.

Answer #3

Jester…it’s moot…not mute.

Sometimes your spelling mistakes make you seem very unintelligent.

Answer #4

reb1312 sorry im a horrable speller, however my point is still there

Answer #5

That is your perception of truth. Millions of people think otherwise.

Answer #6

I’m skeptical about the source of your citation.

Answer #7

The concept of god is also human made.

Answer #8

The idea of God is man made.

Answer #9

toadaly is right. God is also manmade so the point is mute

Answer #10

So what is your question.

Answer #11

and your question is???

Answer #12

In your opinion,it is.

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