How much do lip piercings hurt?

I Want to get a Snake Biitee in my lipp.. or just a normale peicieng but im afraid thts it going to hurt..
does it hurt?
will they numb it?
how much will it roughtly ccost?
do you have tu b 18?

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No it is NOT done by a piercing gun.. that also is illegal as it has bacteria on it. It is indeed done with a needle which is sterilised and never used again. Ears only hurt because you were expecting pain. Most shops do it at age 16 with parental consent but 18 without.

You could put ice on it but it wouldn't be worth it as it just freezes your skin, vessels and blood as well as your pores.. therefore SOME piercers won't do it because it is too risky. However some may but they would have to be very confident to not do something wrong.

Numbing cream/spray cannot go anywhere near the mouth as it contains chemicals and no one knows if they will have a reaction to it. The hole is through the fleshy bit to the mouth so some chemicals WILL get in if used.

However, do you REALLY want your lip pierced?? It can look horrible on some people sometimes whereas others it fits them just perfect. People may think ewww it looks like a mole or something. If you decide to take it out it not only will be a waste of money (around £20 - £35) but it will leave a tiny scar.. but noticeable to some people.

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Ok well.. i have had a few things pierced and plenty of people have cringed and said oh my god didn't that hurt. The most "urgh" one people think is the tongue which i have got done. That hurt only slightly. Just a quick 10 second pain then it is all over.. however with a lip it is less painful as it isn't a muscle. It is simply just a piece of fleshy skin. It will become sore and irritable first few hours.. even days. Eating can be weird and sore. AND NO THEY WON'T NUMB IT.. it is against the law as it is near the mouth.

The only way it will hurt you real bad is when you build up the ancipication beforehand, it will make your adrenalin rush and heart beat fast.. this is mental pain. therefore you are expecting it and it doesn't come. In England you do not need to be 18 but different shops have different rules

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Oo, Omgg..LOL..I got my Ears done once tho nd it prpa hurt :| but i was only lyk 11 im 14 now
Do Ya now ho much it roughly costs in the UK?
Nd how old do most shops do it?
nd if i put ice on it beforee i get it pericwe will tht help with less pain?
and one of my mates at skl sed tht they can put sum numbin cream stuff on wot hafes numbs it or summink :S

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I am really wanted to get my lip pierced I have my nose and my ears done...I use to have my tongue and my belly button but I took them out when I got pregnant...I also have 2 tattoos one on my ankle and one on my lower back I was just wanting to know what are some types of pain that a lip piercing could be similar too? CAuse I really want mine but I dont like pain.

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I Got my lip done for £22, and it feels like when you bite your lip byu accident it doesnt hurt really at all. I've had mine since jully and its fine now give it a cupple of weeks and it will be alreety and it barly hurts trust (: hope I helped x

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I actually just got my lip pierced yesterday. :) I'm horrible with pain, but it wasn't bad at all! It mainly feels like when you get blood drawn, and it's over so fast. I didn't numb or anything because it only took a few seconds.

I paid $50.

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hi im 14 and im getting my lip done im from manchester costing me 22.50 pound cheap!! :D:D getting done this weekend im shitting it !! but I guess dont hurt I had my earring ript out that didnt hurt so :D

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lip piercings are are breeze. i've had mine done twice. barely hurts when they do it, and it's only a little sore after. and taking care of it is pretty easy.

i'd say it costs anywhere from 35 to 60 per piercing, and they will not numb you.

and any respectable piercing place won't pierce anyone under 18 without parental concent.

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mmm...I have had my nose peirced 4 times and the first time was with a longer needle and it did hurt but after that one they peirced it with an actual peirceing gun and it just stong for a minute and made my eyes water...but with the lip: two of my friends have the "marlyn monroe" as they call it and they said the same just stings for a minute and makes your eyes water lol...don't be scared...if you want one it won't hurt that bad!

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I used to have my lip pierced.
Didn't hurt much.
They wont numb it for you.
You'll just have to grow some balls, it'll look good in the end =)

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not shor but they look so cute

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Nd is it done by neddles or peicing gun:S

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im scared as crap to get it can you rate it 1 - 10 the pain
how long will it take to get done

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where i live it's 25.00 and it doesn't hurt and no u just need a parent or gaurdian w/ u

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it doesn't hurt that bad at all.
and they didn't numb mine, it is really quick.

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When I Get My Lip Done It Costs £28 but I will make them mub it I have been looking all through the internet about it and im gnna get it done ahah

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