Lip and nose piercing will it hurt ???

Im thinkin about gettin a lip or nose piercing and it wanna know if it will hurt

Answer #1

Septums are one of the most painful piercings. I’ve seen grown men cry like a baby getting that piercing.

I got mine done once - I loved it, but it hurt like hell.

Answer #2

IT wiil hurt you lil …and then never

but remember the effects about it in FUTURE

Answer #3

Everyone pain tolerance level is differnet - so we can’t tell you how much it will hurt. Although with any piercing there will be some amount of pain - I mean you are pushing a needle through your skin - think about it.

I’ve seen thousands of people get pierced though - and I’ve only seen a handful of people acutally cry from a lip or nose piercing though. It’s not that bad. I’ve had them both done numerous times, it only hurts for a mintute and it’s very worth it if it’s something that you want.

Answer #4

nose shudn’t, mine didn’t! niether does belly button for future refrence!

Answer #5

The piece of catilage between your nose.

Answer #6

oh yea I hear that that also hurts

Answer #7

Lizzy said that septums hurt. lip piercings dont hurt that much ;D

Answer #8

sorry but whats a septum piercing??

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