How much does it hurt when you pierce your lip?

How much does it hurt when you pierce your lip? I’m a bit of a puss when it comes to pain,so..any advice?

Answer #1

just dont be an idiot and do it yourself

Answer #2

A lot.

Answer #3

a lot!!!

Answer #4

Well my cousin had one and I guess a lot! So painful…

Answer #5

depends on how you take it, and if you really want it, why worry how it hurts anyway?… Ü

Answer #6

it hurts but its just quick and it only hurts for that second and then its done, thats how I got it any way I guess it just depends how pain tolarent you are

Answer #7

it is a small pinch. it lasts about 3 seconds. people complain that the nose and ears hurt more than the lip. it will be tender for a while much the pain is small. so do not worry.

Answer #8

You Don’t Need A Professional…My Cousin Pierced His Lip With A Sharped Clothes Hanger and It Turned Out Just Fine…He Also Said It Didn’t Hurt That Bad.

Answer #9

“How much does it hurt when you pierce your lip?” uh wait, are you saying your going to do it YUORSELF? If so DON’T! Go to a PROFESSIOANL PIERCER. Professionals know what they’re doing and it won’t be bad, I promise.

Answer #10

Your pure stupid if you do it yourself. There are professional piercers for a reason - they know what they’re doing and you don’t. Don’t listen to the people like bethanyleigh who are saying other wise. If they were smart, they’d know that I’m right about this. So seriously, listen to my advice. I know my stuff when it comes to piercings/tattoos.

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