What hurts more, lip or belly piercing?

I’ve had my lip pierced and I want to peirce my belly. But, (this is a question for people who have had lip piercings and belly), what would you say hurts more?

Answer #1

lip deeffinalllttyyy I just got my belly button done and it barely hurt.

Answer #2

-I think lip.. lol.

Answer #3

the belly piercing just feeLs like a tight pinch. after a while you feel nothing

Answer #4

The belly button hurt a lot for me and my friend who got the belly button and lip aswell, sais the belly button still hurts worse.

Answer #5

I would have to say say belly hurts more that a lip piercing.

Answer #6

belly button piercings don’t hurt at all, if any its the clamp. but its different for everyone, so who knows.

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