How much does a tragus piercing hurt?

hey I was just wondering if anyone knew who much a tragus piercing hurts ? if so how much ? thanks to anyone who answers.

Answer #1

I thought it hurt! a lot worse than my belly button or nose!

Answer #2

no one can tell you how much a piercing hurt we all have different pain tolenece

Answer #3

Mine didn’t hurt at all. But I did it myself. I do all my piercings myself. It’s better then going ta a tatoo shop.

Answer #4

I had mine done today, I made sure it was done with a needle as a gun can cause damage to your ear. I was expecting a lot of pain and a loud crunching sound, it was quite painful but was over within a few seconds. it feels sore and achey but is definately worth it! hope this helps

Answer #5

What’s a tragus???

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