Life out of the milkyway??

This question just popped in to my mind. Who thinks that there is life on other planets not in the milkyway?!? I have wondered this for a long time lol what are your opions?

Answer #1

yes there are trillions of planets in this universe, possibly trillions more and all of those planets arnt lifeless the universe didnt just create trillions of planets and only put life in a tiny little one of those

Answer #2

Yeah if there can be life in this galaxy (or whatever) I’m sure thre are more lifeforms out of this world :)

Answer #3

I think there is life out there :)

Answer #4

Life on Earth is based on carbon- because carbon likes to hook up with the other elements and create these complex compounds, it’s what our DNA is based on and in a nutshell we are all carbon based compounds and carbon copies of our parents.

Carbon, along with other heavy elements, form in stars through the nuclear reactions that take place, so carbon can be found throughout the universe. There is also some speculation about life being based on other elements, such as silicone based life on planets closer to their stars.

Inevitably some planets out there are going to be Earth like- size able to keep atmosphere, oceans, and active geology, distance from the sun and axis friendly to life, and on some planets life may develope and evolve

That being said though, life on Earth has proven itself pretty flexiable, some existing in extreme conditions, so life out in the universe may be more adaptable then we think- thriving in some harsh enviornments.

The conditions and properties of the planet will also help shape the organisms living on it. For example, a planet with more gravity or denser atmosphere will have an affect on how life evolves on it.

We may even still find life in our own solar system. Including aquatic life under Europa’s icy surface, or on Titan. It’s thought that Venus may be able to support sulfer based microbs in it’s atmosphere, due to it’s chemical disequilibrium.

I’m sure there is life out there on other planets and moons. Life is just the reproducing component of the universe.

Answer #5

yeah there definitly has to be life out there if theres life on this planet; they might not look nothing like us or anything on this planet but there has to be something.

Answer #6

I’m pretty sure(not 100% sure) there are many planets with life on them outside of the milky way, Maybe there is another one IN the milky way, who knows.

“the universe didnt just create trillions of planets and only put life in a tiny little one of those” Uhm… ehm… hm… well, considering we don’t know how universe originated, and how life originated… yeah… uh… right. Wait… universe put life on planets? That’s like a christian way of thinking :o Wasn’t it all just like… random?

Answer #7

“If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space.” (from the movie ‘Contact’).

I fully believe that there is other life in the Universe. And I highly doubt that Earth has ever been visited by it.

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