Life in the Solar System?

Is their any possibility or has their been any possibility of life in the solar system in the past, or any known places that might be able to have life?

Answer #1

there was a really good chance life was on mars, sciencetists found traces of water and the proper setting for life 1 billion years ago.

so are we decendence from mars or did life happen twice in one solar system. and if it happened twice in our solar system, think how many other solar systems are out there. life is probally a naturally occuring thing in the universe.

by the way they did find water on mars, from the mars rovers.

Answer #2

Yes, there is life in the solar system. Where do you think you are living right now. The Earth has life, am I right?

Answer #3

There is life everywhere in the Universe. Life exists on every star, planet, moon, asteroid, meterotie, and solar-system object. This is what Krsna says in the Bhagavad-Gita, and Krsna’s word is absolute.

Answer #4

Mars - Life on Mars has been long speculated. Liquid water is widely thought to have existed on Mars in the past and there may still be liquid water beneath the surface. Methane was found in the atmosphere of Mars. Recent photographs from Mars Global Surveyor show evidence of recent (within 10 years) flows of a liquid on the Planet’s frigid surface.

Europa (Ganymede, Callisto) - Europa may contain liquid water beneath its thick ice layer. Vents on the bottom of the ocean warm the ice so that liquid could exist beneath the ice layer, perhaps capable of supporting microbes and simple plants.

Jupiter & Saturn - Possible supporter of floating animals, as hypothesized by Carl Sagan for gas giants in general. This point of view is somewhat controversial because these creatures would not be water-based, but ammonia-based.

Enceladus - Geothermal activity, watervapour. Possible underice oceans heated by tidal effects.

Titan (Saturn’s largest moon) - The only known moon with a significant atmosphere was recently visited by the Huygens probe. Latest discoveries indicate that there is no global or widespread ocean, but small and/or seasonal liquid hydrocarbon lakes are present on the surface (the first liquid lakes discovered outside of Earth).

Venus - Recently, scientists have speculated the existence of microbes in the stable cloud layers 50 km above the surface, evidenced by hospitable climates and chemical disequilibrium.

Gliese 581 c ( - Extra solar planet, has found to have been found to have Earth-like qualities. And numerous other extra-solar planets yet to be discovered.

Numerous other bodies have been suggested as potential hosts for microbial life. Fred Hoyle has proposed that life might exist on comets, as some Earth microbes managed to survive on a lunar probe for many years. However, it is considered highly unlikely that complex multicellular organisms of the conventional chemistry of terrestrial life (animals, plants) could exist under these living conditions.

Answer #5

I think that aliens live under/far down in the ocean. Scientists know more about mars han the ocean so its posible. I know that bodies were found in the Roswell incident because a nurse that did the autopsy addmitted it. Call me crazy but humans are closed minded and the government is a group of controlling,lieing assholes.

Answer #6

I think it’s possible that there was (or maybe is) life in the solar system but I highly doubt it resembles humans or stereotypical aliens in any sort of way.

Answer #7

Maybe, but we haven’t really see one yet. Hopefully in the future, humans can (in some way) live on Mars and prevent over-population at earth.

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