Lies I've Told

Lies can spin way outta control. You know what I mean???

Answer #1

Yep, they just keep building on eachother. Lie can really pile up, so that’s why I try really hard to avoid doing it. I’m really bad at lying anyway. lol. :)

Answer #2

Nothing good ever comes from telling a lie. It will always get out of control and eventually you will always be caught.

Answer #3

I asked this question because I lost my fiance to a lie, and I wanted to know if anyone could relate. I feel so alone.(pic was my fiance)

Answer #4

nope, I can honestly say the one thing I don’t do is lie. And if I do its just because im messin around and ill tell you the truth right after. I never got the point, if I did something I’ll tell you about it. Kinda cowardice not to. And all my friends know not to lie to me, my reaction will be much worse, and I know when people are lying, its a good skill I have.

Answer #5

Unfortunatly yes. Lies pile up in the worst ways. I just try 2 learne from the lies. Especialy if those lies have caught up w/ me. Truth is always the best way to go. Even though the lies seem much beter haha the truth shall set you free. Or just live your life as a lie untill you feel the emtyness of the lies and the truth begging to be let out and living a hallow life. philosophical time over lol


Answer #6

I’ve seen people that lied so much they start to believe their own lies. My ex wife had that problem. . so does her son.

Answer #7

Yes they do absolutely!!That’s why you have to try not to lie ‘cause lies will get you anywhere!!

Answer #8

Yeah, it can start off small but then just get out of control.

Answer #9

Yes, but what was the point of this question?

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