Whats the biggest lie you've told ever in your life?

Whats the biggest, badest, lie you have ever told..Dont be shy tell us..

Answer #1

I lied to my mom about knowing that my dad was cheating on her. My mom and me are close now, but we never were when I was growing up. I was always a “daddy’s girl”. A few years ago my brother, who works with my dad, heard around the office that my dad was cheating on my mother (they have been married 32 years). So my brother and I got together did some detective work, tracked him down, and confronted him. It was horrible, here we are his grown children confronting him about his illict sex affair with a co-worker. My dad begged us not to tell my mom, to give him a few weeks, and he would tell. We agreed, knowing we would probably have to tell her anyway. Thankfully, he was stupid enough to bring the other woman to a mutual friends house, and the friends wife called my mother and told her. It was very hard for me to act surprised when my mother called crying. That night my dad should up at my house, drunk, and full of confessions. He told me he only married my mom because she got pregnant with me (at 18), and then just as he was going to ask for a divorce she got pregnant with my brother (we are 2 years apart). He claimed he did not, and has never loved her, he respects her, and loves her for who she is and all she does, but is not in love with her. He also confided that there have been many other women over the years, but that he could never leave my mom. I have lied because I didn’t tell my mom I knew he was cheating (even though she knows now), and I have never (and will never) tell her he doesn’t love her. :(

Answer #2

ummm I think one of the biggest lies was when I told my boyfriend (ex, now) that I liked one of his friends (which I did). He said he would breakup with me if I did, so I covered it up by saying just kidding…lol not really huge…but I have a lot of secrets.

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This one.

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