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Help!!! I told a huge lie, need to get out w/o telling truth!!!

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Help!! Told huge lie, and need to find a way out without telling the truth!!!?
Help!! I told a lot of my friends that I have all these other friends who are awesome - and I gave my fake friends these bolgus email adresses, and put together two of my real friends with two of my fake friends, if that makes sense. Now my real friends wanna meet my fake friends, and one of my friends is suspicious, she told me she didnt believe any of it, and that she knows im lying and she wants to see proof (like a picture of me with all my friends) I've already shown them pics I got off the internet, and now I have a feeling im totally screwed!! I cant, and repeat cant tell the truth! Because everybody will hate me, but I dont usually lie like this, I've only told one other huge lie and I got caught, but I sorta used this lie to cover up that lie... Im so confused!! Please, I dont want to tell the truth, I cant! One of my fake friends that I said I had, I said was my boifrend - please!! I need help!! What should I do??? Unless I can convince someone to fill in the roles of my friends?? Or should I just say "why do I need to prove anything to you?" I have no idea!! One of my real friends says that she actually met one of my fake friends, and I know she hasnt because ... Well, hes fake! And so I guess shes on my side, but shes also lying but doesnt know that he really isnt real!!
Anyway... Help!!! If any of that made sense?
I just told a small lie that got bigger, and bigger, and... Help?
And please dont make fun of me or put me down, I already have enough stress! :(