White lie

When is it ‘okay’ to tell a white lie? Have you ever told one? To who and why?

Answer #1

its okay depending on the situation.

Answer #2

Usually whenever I’m not in the mood to do something,which is usually during the week,weekends I’m full of energy.

Answer #3

I would say only to protect someone

Answer #4

I think it’s okay to tell a white lie to get out of certain situations :) My friends asked me to come out with them once but I couldn’t be bothered, so I just said I had a sore foot and couldn’t get my shoe on :P Haha! They would of kept pestering me if I told them the truth xD Besides, a girl who I didn’t like was with them too ¬_¬

Answer #5

yes and everyone has whether its a simple “tell them im not here” when you dont want to talk on the phone. id say its ok . everyone does it and there is nothing wrong with it.

and any other lie that is of greater deciet is not a little white lie. its just a lie. so try to keep those to a minimum :)

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