Can you leave the U.S. if you're 17?

so i’m graduating this summer and i want to go to England to see my boyfriend. But i don’t think my parents would agree. So do i need their permission to leave the country?

Answer #1

Yes, as long as you have a passport.

Answer #2

and i think you need parents permission

Answer #3

you do not need parents permission but you need a passport and a load of money idk how much but a good amount. you can live by yourself at 17 when your 17 ur pretty much an adult like you can see rated r movies, ect

Answer #4

I agree, until ur 18 yrs of age

Answer #5

yea cuz thats when your a legal adult in the U.S unles you live in nebraksa haha which you cant do anything unless your like 19

Answer #6

Yep that’s correct

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