What usually happens if you're caught by the cops with more than 2 gr of weed in Canada?

I Recently Got Caught With About 2Grams Of Weed On Me, I Got Arrested For The Possession Of Weed, Then They Let Me Go But I Have To Go To Court Now. What Would Usually Happen After Court? Like Would I Get Sent To Jail, Or Just Get Probation? BTW I Live In Canada-Ontario.

Answer #1

i also live in ontario, but i am not sure exactly what the penalty is. I believe that there is jail time associated with possession of a controlled substance. you may also receive community service or a fine on top of that.. depends on the severity of the incident.

Answer #2

I’m not sure if it’s the same where I live, but what usually what happens is you either get probation or house arrest. My friend got caught with 2 dimes at school & went to court, he has house arrest for a month & community service.

Answer #3

you get stoned to death.

(get it get it stoned to death.lol)

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