Does anyone know the law about being asked to leave a premesis?

Does anyone know the law about being asked to leave a premesis for being noisy if you’re a paying customer? Are there any loop holes that can be thrown in the face of authority?

Answer #1

It’s private property. They have the right to ask anyone to leave.

Answer #2

nope. if your being noisy you have to leave.

Answer #3

nope, if your interupting, you have 2 leave..

Answer #4

Sounds like someone there needs an attitude adjustment, I would probably act like a total jack@ss fall on the floor roll around and Have a Friend say that when I’m presented with a stressful situation (I.e. getting kicked out of my favorite cafe) I sometimes freak out because I suffer from PTSD. It might work. Maybe. Worst thing that will happen is you’ll be banned from the premises and have a lot of fun. lol. Just don’t damage anything or hurt anyone.

Answer #5

In general if you are asked to leave private property you have to leave.

If you feel you are being ripped off you can try to recoup your payment afterword but if they ask you to leave you should leave because you are trespassing otherwise.

If you are talking about a domicile than you may have some additional rights but these vary by state and locality.

Answer #6

is there some sort of law as its a sports centre cafe and they have it in for us because we’re teenagers. but we dont cause trouble. and we sit outside so we’re away from other people and we order food to sit and eat, so we surely have sone rights

Answer #7

You might be a paying customer, but so are all the other people there that are not being loud. They deserve to eat without being bothered. Being a paying customer does not give you the right to act foolish.

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