Why aren't illegals treated as such?

There is a long-established / legal way to enter this country - supposedly being a nation of Laws, why is an illegal (one who ignores/violates the legal method) immigrant not referred to as ‘illegal’ in the Government or Press ?

Answer #1

If you accurately read the question you’ll discover the question stated ‘illegal (………………) immigrant’ - see below:

CCP: illegal (one who ignores/violates the legal method) immigrant

Would you agree an immigrant refers to a person…..not an ‘it’ ?

Answer #2

simple:theyre human beings

also this country was brought up by ‘illegal immigrants’ who came here to find a better way of life

stop being so narrow minded,man:(

Answer #3

Aren’t they already referred to as “illegal immigrants” as opposed to “legal permanent resident”?

If you want to refer to all legal and illegal immigrants, you’d just say “immigrants”.

I listen to the news all the time and they’re always referred to as illegal immigrants. What was the point of this question again?

Answer #4

I think the offensive part of this question is the part “why is an illegal” – as if the illegal alien is not a person. You can’t refer to a person as an “illegal”. Its the same a referring to your child constantly as “it”.

“It” went to school today. “It” got poor grades. I took “it” to the baseball game. Or “It” is my father. “It” gave me allowance yesterday.

As Christians, we have a lot to learn about humanity.

Answer #5

Silly me, my history books say this country was established by legal immigrants who followed the law, procedures, and willingly assimulated into the American culture, even learning the language - not a good idea to re-write history to fit your agenda/bias.

Answer #6

Ahh…. more politics. This one was actually started by the right side I am sorry to say. The acknowledgement of the “illegals” and solutions for their long-term stay already here has been a problem for a long time. I was in New York when 911 happened and I saw illegals scatter to the wind. After that TONS of jobs weren’t being done that kept the city moving forward. It was a huge slap in the face as to how dependent we were on labor from the illegal aliens. The reason you don’t see it in the news is the same reason the right side was arguing for what the illegals do for the country as opposed (and I know this is gotta be strange for you) to the opinion on the left side of politics that they should go about the citizen process like everyone else. The guest worker program is a conservative brainchild that idiotically yells out to all of the illegal aliens to come forward and no retribution will come to them, but they would have to fork out a lot of money they may not have for taxes and back taxes. So how many “guest workers” do you think are going to step forward with this brilliant plan? And do you really think that the authors of this bill actually believed in a high success rate, or was this just a ploy to shoot for the latino caucus vote? Hmm….. politicians don’t do things like this for Votes now do they?

Answer #7

The politically corrrect term for illegal alien is “undocumented worker.”

Answer #8

Currently business depends on cheap illegal labor. Many of the people who pick your vegetables, clean your hotel rooms, and bus your tables are illegal. The current system exploits them. Since they are illegal they have no rights or leverage so businesses can pay them little and threaten to turn them in if they complain.

If we were serious about illegal aliens we would arrest those who knowlingly employ illegals rather than just deport the poor smuck workers who get caught. If employers knew they were risking jail to hire illegals the jobs would dry up.

A while back Walmart got a fine for hiring illegals after one of their warehouses was raided. Walmart negotiated the fine down and the government agreed that in the future they would give Walmart 24 hours notice before any raids. What kind of justice is this? If anything it encourages Walmart to hire more illegals since now they know all they have to do is send the illegals home one day to avoid getting caught again.

There are lots of honest hard working men and women out there who want to become Americans and we should welcome them. Currently it is difficult, time consuming, and expensive for foreigners to become American citizens.

The best way to deal with the illegal immigration problem is to make real penalties for employers who hire illegals and to greatly streamline the process of becoming an American citizen. I don’t believe in amnesty, those already here should have to go through whatever anyone else who wants to become an American citizen has to do. Since our current system is designed to exploit these workers I don’t feel like they should be peanized though.

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