Aren't we all illegal in the us?

I mean, we came here and took the land illegaly. We made the people whos land it was move to very small areas, so that we could take over the rest. So, if anyone should be deported, it should be everyone except native americans. If anything, hispanics and mexicans have more right to be here than any of us, since they were on this land long before the spanish and french came here. What gives us any more right to this land than so-called “illegal” immigrants?

Answer #1

Who do you mean by “we”? I came to this country legally, 12 years ago and had to go through the naturalization process. I had to learn English; I didn’t come here expecting everyone to already speak my language or complain when Americans preferred to speak English. I had to learn about the US constitution, government, and American history. I had my legal record and medical record examined, and I applied for citizenship after studying and working here. So I have every right to be here.

It’s a lot of hard work to become a US citizen, and if you don’t want to do that work, then you are here illegally and you should be deported. I don’t know of any other industrialized country in the world that is so generous toward illegal aliens as the United States. Try immigrating to Europe or Japan, or try seeking political asylum in those countries.

By the way when the Spanish colonized the Americas, their government encourage their colonists to marry with the native people, unlike English or Dutch. So many of the people you call Hispanics have Spanish blood and their ancestors were pobably colonists from Spain. So when you say “hispanics and Mexicans were here long before the Spanish” it is incorrect. Many of them ARE Spanish, or partly Spanish as well as native. So it’s impossible to say who was here before anyone else.

Answer #2

First off, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t alive when Columbus and everyone came to America, and I therefore didn’t do or take anything to or from anyone. Neither did my parents, their parents, or even their parents, and not even THEIR parents, as just like the probable majority of U.S. citizens, my ancestors moved to America from elsewhere in the early 20th century (and gained LEGAL citizenship).

Secondly, in the old days, there WERE no laws in these parts, and therefor, nothing they did was illegal. It might have been wrong, sure, but that’s an entirely different topic, and one that hardly matters all these hundreds of years later as it’s in the past and we can’t do anything about it.

But since, America has been colonized into the United States, and there are now laws here that keep things in order and running smoothly, and it’s obvious how having tons of people living here that aren’t legal citizens but are participating in our workforce/economy would be a rock in the metaphorical shoe of how this country operates.

And by the way, describing an illegal immigrant as an illegal immigrant makes perfect sense, as that’s just what an illegal immigrant is: an illegal immigrant. But if your planning on moving why even bother complaining? We don’t want you here and you don’t want to be here, so be gone.

Answer #3

wow princess33… not only am I a little pissed off, but I am amazed that a legal citizen such as yourself can be so ignorant to this “problem”. first of all, illegal immigrants do the jobs that legal citizens are unwilling to do, for a cheap price. id like to see you go pick crops for 15 hour days, for less, much less than minimum wage, and then have to fight to get citizenship, which requires you to pass a test that more than 70% of natural born americans couldnt pass. second, my taxes are paying for YOUR children to go to school FOR FREE. I have no kids, but I must pay taxes for education. what about our legal citizens who use and abuse our welfare system. your wasting your tax dollars on them too, but I guess since they’re legal, its ok. third, please explain what you mean by they get everything for free. im pretty sure that you do to. I mean you get freedom of speech, press, protest, religion, and assembly- your 1st amendment right, and if you didnt know that, im sure an illegal immigrant trying to get citizenship would- you should be so humble and feel so lucky to be born in america, where you’re not living with 3rd world conditions. in many countries, your little post would equal your life, because of lack of free speech. fourth, you yourself are “illegal” your ancestors coming from another country at one point in time. fifth, why does what SOIL you are born on matter MORE than the person that you are??

Answer #4

you know all you illegals are what is wrong with this country, if you came here the correct way maybe you wouldn’t be ruining this country, you all get everything free, you don’t pay taxes and your kids go to school for free. YOU ARE LIVING HERE ON MY TAX DOLLARS AND TAKING AWAY FROM MY FAMILY BECAUSE OF IT. GO BACK TO MEXICO AND STAY THERE

Answer #5

not only mexicans are considered illegal immigrants..but anyway, I’m mexican, and my dad came here like 643987 years ago and he was illegal, and he couldn’t get his resident card because it was too expensive, so he busted his a s s to get a crap job so he actually AFFORD to legally live here. he’s now an american citizen. many people don’t understand how hard it is for illegal immigrants to make money in their own countries, and they think that they illegally come to america just to slack off, be lazy and not have to pay taxes, but the truth is, they want to be citizens here more than anything but they simply can’t afford it.

Answer #6

I agree with princess33! sorry but its true… stay in your own country! we got enough chinese polluting us, mexicans, japanese, and whatever else… Im not racist but if you like oour country make your own country like that. dont go taking our jobs! You know what pisses me off? let me tell you.

years ago my dad died and we were in desperate need of food. So my mom went to the welfare place to get food stamps until we had money. Did they accept us no. but if we spoke a little spanish and were dark in color we would have food stamps, housing, free everything. Sorry its the truth. STAY WERE YOU BELONG unless you work your way to be here. Not jumping over walls and sneaking in.

Answer #7

what gives us the right to this land is that we pay taxes for it. most illegal’s live here for free, you live off our taxes. Pay your own way and maybe you wouldn’t have so many problems.

Answer #8

youngstunna is right princess33 was way out of line come on if you think of it you were able to get free stuff to and I think your family could do fine im not latina but still they have much right to be here as anyone else as long as you got a house a loveing family and food on the table you shouldnt be worried about the immagration problem some of the people that do come her illegally wasnt and still cant provide a great amount of food clotheing or houseing for there family but when they came here they are able to provide a better life for them selves and family come on if mexico was much more advance than us I bet you would jump over the border to provide your family with better care aint I right???

Answer #9

I completely agree with you Tinatoddler4. My husband is “illegal” (by the way, whoever coined that idiotic phrase should be slapped), but we live in San Francisco, so he is much more protected. We don’t really want to live here anymore, and plan to move to Mexico after our 2nd baby is born in August. What I have seen is that employers, for the most part, perfer to hire people who are NOT born in the United States, simply because they work way harder than any American who does the same job.

Answer #10

people should here your side of the story . write to the priminista I did

Answer #11

Princess, YOU ARE ALSO ILLEGAL. So quit being ignorant.

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